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We empower fitness professionals to better target clients and offer value-added services for that all-important personal touch.

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Whether it’s online, through the app, or at the gym, we set the stage for your business to show you care an engage your clients in conversation and community building

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Todays clients are expecting better and more personal service. With PureLifeStyle, you can differentiate your brand and offer unique personal benefits to keep them coming back!

With PureLifeStyle, every client can set up and track their own goals, exercises and food intake. You know that people that set effective goals are more likely to reach them more consistently and faster than those without effective goals. These clients are also more likely to stick around for longer!

You know nutrition is an integral component to being healthy and get results. Many of your clients also understand this, but typically won’t find any help with nutrition with their fitness professional.
Our meal plans and nutritional data give your clients this service, delivered by you!

Fitpros are striving to keep up with social media, with likes, tweets etc. One of the goals with social media is to strive to create a community where people feel like the fitpros supports them and provide and actionable useful info. Why not create your own online forums and facilitate members to connect to each other through this system? That’s what PureLifeStyle does well, creating your OWN social network!

“I have just lost 2 stone using PureLifeStyle and I can’t believe I am the same person I was. I am much more active now, I look forward to summer holidays rather than dreading them. All my friends and family are so impressed and they constantly give me compliments. My new boyfriend is amazed at my old photos and admitted he probably wouldn’t have looked twice at me before. Lucky me that I decided to make a change to my lifestyle.”
Sally, Essex
“I had no idea that my BMI and Fat percentage was so high until I checked it one day. I had been in denial about my huge weight gain. When I looked on the web and found PureLifeStyle I realised with the tools, their help and the support of other people on the forum I could do it and I have. Now I feel fabulous and am engaged to be married.”
Jody, Worcester

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